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Letting Go for Lent – Enabling

We have entered the season of Lent, a period of 40 days before Easter when Christians traditionally lament over their sins and then, in response, choose something to give up such as chocolate or Facebook or alcohol. The idea is to daily … Continue reading

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“Not a Plan but a Posture” – Final Post for Live your Calling

Most Christians put great thought and energy into determining what our “call” might be. Ryan Pemberton makes a helpful distinction between God’s call on our lives and our personal calling:  “Christian calling means being called by the living, resurrected Christ … Continue reading

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When Helping Hurts

LIVING AS APPRENTICES I have shared a lot recently about my life as a co-dependent enabler. I talk about the years in my past when I (subconsciously) sought out needy people with the goal of “fixing” them. I point out … Continue reading

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My Surrender

MY JOURNEY Co-dependency.  Enabling.  I had no idea what those words meant.  But I lived them out with all my passion for decades. After my life came to a screeching debacle, and I learned what those words meant, I wanted … Continue reading

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The Beauty of Shadow Boxing – Part 1

LIVING AS APPRENTICES My favorite definition for the term  spiritual formation comes from M. Robert Mulholland: “the process of conforming to the image of Jesus for the sake of others.” And my favorite expression of that process is a phrase … Continue reading

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Why it is so hard to love

Living as Apprentices Here’s a thought from Beatrice Bruteau in The Grand Option “I think the reason why we find it so hard to take our place in the Great Community is just because we have not clearly sorted out … Continue reading

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