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Hanging on to the Holy days

MY JOURNEY Today is Thanksgiving Day in America – a celebration that was hard to hang onto because  from all sides I am being pushed into Christmas consumerism.  But I just finished writing to all seven of the kids I sponsor around the world though … Continue reading

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Update on Aibie, child of the Philippines

COMPASSION INTERNATIONAL On Nov. 8, Super Typhoon Haiyan blew across the Philippines leave death and destruction everywhere.   As I listened to the news,  I posted a story about Aibie, my 11-year-old sponsored child in the Philippines, praying that she and her five siblings and … Continue reading

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Camelot and the Kingdom of God

LIVING AS APPRENTICES It’s a cliché, but it’s probably true: If you are an American over 12 years of age you probably remember where you were when you learned that John F. Kennedy had been assassinated.  I was in the library … Continue reading

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On the Way to Doing Something Else

LIVING AS APPRENTICES On the way to doing something else . . . isn’t that often how some of our best moments  come about? Anyway, on the way to doing something else today I came across two lovely quotes from one … Continue reading

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“Thaw the frost within us”

LIVING AS APPRENTICES Soften Us                                                                                                                                        by Edwina Gateley  O living God, soften us! Let the fire of Your love thaw the frost within us. Let the light of Your justice sear away our blindness. Let the grace of Your compassion heal … Continue reading

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I’m just sayin’

I’M JUST SAYIN’ I have a friend who is fond of ending a story about the ironies and disconnects of life with a delightful throw-away line:  “I’m just sayin!’” Life in 2013 is filled with so many stories that deserve that … Continue reading

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Communion in a Corral – Bamburg, Germany, Easter, 1945

MY JOURNEY Last week I watched a moving episode of NCIS. One of the story lines on this episode saw Leroy Jethro Gibbs, the “Boss” of the unit,  commandeered by his aging father to visit a dying WWII vet who had … Continue reading

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A Life Lived Elsewhere

I was looking fondly at some old books recently  when a book came to mind that I read annually for years.  As the Earth Turns, Gladys Hasty Carroll’s first novel for adults was released in 1933 and became the number two top … Continue reading

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