Update on Aibie, child of the Philippines


On Nov. 8, Super Typhoon Haiyan blew across the Philippines leave death and destruction everywhere.   As I listened to the news,  I posted a story about Aibie, my 11-year-old sponsored child in the Philippines, praying that she and her five siblings and her parents were safe.

Coconut trees and paddy field 01

Coconut trees and paddy field 01 (Photo credit: Wikipedia)

Today I got a letter from Aibie, written on September 11. She thanked me for my last letter, saying that it made her very happy.  She told me that she is doing well in her studies in Grade 6, that her favorite color is yellow, that she wants to be a nurse, and that she got to play in a softball game in a District Meet. Attached to the letter was a colorful picture of coconut trees, flowers, birds, and a mountain (all labeled in English).  She also wrote out John 3:16 in English in a corner of the drawing.

Accompanying the letter was a note from Compassion International with a photo of the massive devastation and this note:

“Compassion is closely monitoring the situation to assess damage affecting all of our children and their families.  Please know that we will provide you with updated information about your sponsored child’s situation as soon as we receive it.  In the meantime, we recently received this letter from your sponsored child mailed from the Philippines before the typhoon.  We wanted to share it with you as quickly as possible.”

Reading Aibie’s letter was a surreal moment; I wondered if I would ever get another one. When I noticed the scripture verse on the drawing (in very careful printing much different from the language she in which she writes her letters), I  paused for a long while. Thanks to Compassion and her local church, Aibie knows her savior. She lives in the unshakable Kingdom.  If this terrible typhoon did take this child’s life, she is safe!

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