I Can Help You With That – part 2


On March 21 I posted the story of a class discussion on how hard it is to ask for help. The discussion generated several examples of the principle “if we all share, we all have enough.” (Look for that post in the archives for March at the bottom of the blog or under the category Living as Apprentices)  Here’s another example.

One result of that first discussion was two offers of a truck to move a donated table to my home for my “new” writing room.  When the person who donated the table was able to fit it in her vehicle, I let the truck volunteers know how much I appreciated their offers, but I wouldn’t need the truck.  One wrote back and encouraged me to ask for help again if I needed it because when people ask him for help, it pushes him get  of the “kingdom of me” mind-set.

Soon after that, I decided to sell our small chest freezer. I learned that our local utility company would pay for working appliances brought to a recycling event, so my husband and I decided to go that route. But . . . once again we were stuck with the problem of needing a truck!  I reluctantly said to my husband, “Well, we could ask _____ again, but I really don’t want to. My husband replied, “I thought you said he encouraged you to ask if for help if you had a need.” I swallowed and admitted, “He did.”  He said, “So ask him.”

After several days, I did get past my mother’s carefully taught “rugged individualism” and e-mailed the volunteer for help.  He was  happy to do it, even though it could involve making arrangements to get the truck to us the day before the recycling event.  He thought he might have to be out of town for his granddaughter’s birthday the day we needed it. But, he said, his son would be visiting on Easter weekend and he would find out when the birthday celebration was to be and let me know.

Today I got an e-mail saying that his son’s family really could use a freezer of that size. Would I sell it to him instead of bringing it to recycling?  He added that they would like to pick it up the next day. I gasped!  How perfect!  Because  I swallowed my pride and asked for help, the freezer would have a new home – and once again I didn’t need a truck.

 If we all share, we all have enough.

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