Living as Easter People


“The community of persons closest to us has the power to keep us in the tomb of fear or to call us into the daybreak of hope. Do those around us call us to huddle more closely together and bolt the doors of our upper room? Or do they help us throw the doors open because we have experienced together the freeing call to action which is the Spirit of Jesus in our midst?”  By Sr. Lauretta Mather

We are “Third Day” people.  We live after the resurrection!   We have no reason be anxious or afraid.  Let’s take a risk today and throw open the doors of our upper room.

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1 Response to Living as Easter People

  1. Ruth Evenhouse says:

    This was a good reminder to spend more of my time with “daybreak callers”; it also made me wonder if I ever cause “tomb trembling” for others by being judgmental or unloving.
    I want to live as a 3rd day person, and welcome others to the joyful journey traveled as Easter people!

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