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Going Back to the Big Bang

I do not have a mind for math or science. I do have an orderly and logical mind, but it is fueled and sparked by the nuances and shades of words, by metaphor and images (visual and written), and by … Continue reading

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Random Noodlings

As we edge closer and closer to the 500th post on this blog, I am re-purposing a few posts that appeared in the very beginning.  This one was first published on December 9, 2012. Random Noodling #1:  I was listening to a … Continue reading

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“Not a Plan but a Posture” – Final Post for Live your Calling

Most Christians put great thought and energy into determining what our “call” might be. Ryan Pemberton makes a helpful distinction between God’s call on our lives and our personal calling:  “Christian calling means being called by the living, resurrected Christ … Continue reading

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Seeking a Soft Heart

OMID SAFI is a columnist for On Being.  He also is Director of Duke University’s Islamic Studies Center and the current Chair for Islamic Mysticism Group at the American Academy of Religion. He writes . . . “Every heart has … Continue reading

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Living in Counterpoint

Mohammad Fairouz is a young composer whose opera and symphonies have been performed at Carnegie Hall, Lincoln Center, and The Kennedy Center. His 11 albums include Native Informant, In The Shadow of No Towers, Poems and Prayers, and, most recently, Follow, … Continue reading

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Suffering Breaks our Hearts

We are surrounded by news of suffering and violence. (If we are surrounded only by the news and not by the actual suffering and violence, we should be down on our knees in gratitude.)  The pain everywhere seems to be … Continue reading

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Silence: “The Think Tank of the Soul”

LIVING AS APPRENTICES Audio ecologist Gordon Hempton is a global explorer and collector of natural sound. He’s recorded the soundscapes of prairies, shorelines, mountains, and forests around the world. In recent years, he’s become a silence activist. He defines silence … Continue reading

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A Life of Joy

My Journey I went to church this morning with Krista Tippett and Father James Martin.  It was actually a radio broadcast (On Being), but  it was such a time of worship! Jim Martin graduated from Wharton School of Business and … Continue reading

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