Imitation – Guest Blog by Sally Hoekstra

Once again we are at the Meijer Gardens, running around, in an out of small gates, under and over various bridges, and ducking into caves.  The flowers have yet to bloom but the beds are well-groomed and the air is filled with the sound of children’s voices. My three-year-old grandsons are part of the cacophony.  I am trying to keep up with them as they play, but it isn’t easy.

And then he saw it across the way. A big sculpfrog sculpture 2ture of a frog!  He ran and stood right in front of it. Lifting up his head, Jonny looked up high and said, “Hi, Frog.” And then he waited. He stood there, still, looking up at  the frog. He waited and waited. I guess he was waiting for a response from the frog. One obviously did not come and eventually he turned and jumped away:  his best imitation of a frog.

Jonny didn’t hear anything from that statue, yet he turned away wanting to imitate the frog.  How much more changed might I be if I stopped, looked up and said, “Hi God,” and waited to listen? And then turned and walked (or ran or skipped or hopped away) knowing I had learned something that made  me want to be more like Him.

Grandchildren they teach me so much!

Photo of frog sculpture at Frederick Meijer Gardens and Sculpture Park in Grand Rapids, MI from

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