Being “Shadow-Defeaters”

In a recent letter in Compassion magazine, President and CEO, Santiago “Jimmy Mellado points out that Psalm Compassion president Santiago 23 begins with the “paths of righteousness” — a sunny, warm and inviting atmosphere. Then David takes a sharp left turn as he refers to the “valley of the shadow of death.” In just a few short steps we are ripped from the peaceful surroundings of green pastures and still waters into a dark, cold place.”

In reflecting on Santiago’s assertion that millions of children in the world live in the shadows and how Compassion as an organization and 65,000 sponsors as individuals bring bright light into those shadows, it occurred to me that one of our major choices in life choosing to live in the shadows or in the light.

I had lunch last week with a person with whom I had not communicated for nearly three decades. His entire conversation focused on how angry he was at most people in his life and what “idiots” they all were.  As soon as I left his presence, I recognized that I needed to flee that darkness and move back into the light.

I felt the same way on Thursday night as I listened to Donald J. Trump’s 73-minute harangue on the evils that are overrunning America along with his assertion that he is the only person qualified and capable of delivering us from those evils. (Trump might do well to consider the petition Jesus suggested in the Lord’s prayer, “Deliver us from evil: for Thine is the kingdom, the power, and the glory, forever.”) I was saddened and depressed after watching that angry face and listening to that angry voice telling an auditorium full of infatuated people that he was their savior.

But today, I am deciding to live in the light.  Donald Trump might believe hPs 23 - 4e can overcome all the ills he mentioned (many of which do not survive even minimal fact-checking). But I don’t have to put my trust in him (or any other politician).  God rules this world and the next!

Jimmy Mellado ends his Compassion letter with these words: “We are in the business of casting out shadows.  . . . Thank you for being a shadow defeater.” Every Christ-follower must take that role seriously by sharing the Light of the World and casting out and defeating shadows where we find them.  America certainly needs that witness today!



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